The Eiffel Tower in Paris.  The Space Needle in Seattle.  The original Ferris Wheel in Chicago.  What do all of these iconic landmarks have in common?  They were all constructed to represent their host city for the World’s Fair.  Soon, in 2015, from the 1st of May to the end of October, we will all have the opportunity to participate in the next iconic stop of the World’s Fair in exquisite Milano, themed on Italy’s favorite product, food!  My friends, it’s time to prepare.

Expo 2015, Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life

Expo's mascot, Foodie, and I are ready!

Expo’s mascot, Foodie, and I are ready!


With over 140 nations participating and 80 individual countries with their own pavilions, Expo 2015 will truly be the Olympics of nutrition and sustainable food practices to feed to world.  Next year, we have the unique opportunity to taste the flavors, wander among the scents, and speak with the representatives of each country to learn about the thing that truly unites us all: food.  Our American pavilion alone is enough to get your salivation running; with a structure designed by award winning NY architect James Bieber and our food truck theme, it almost gives me an excuse to go find my nearest grilled cheese truck! You know, for research…


One of my favorite incarnations of Expo’s ingredient rice, Drago’s scallop risotto


Kicking off with an opening performance by Andrea Bocelli on April 30th and a specially designed Cirque du Soleil show Allavita! which will run Monday-Friday every week, there is no shortage of exciting activities to give your stomach a siesta now and again.  Focusing on the main exports and sustainable foods (fruits and legumes, coffee, spices, rice, cocoa, cereals and tubers, and the different agricultural zones) and aimed at creating an international dialogue to examine routes to sustain ourselves and provide nutrition for all, I really cannot be more excited or proud that my beloved Italy will be host to the most important culinary event of the new millennium.  Contact us today to get more information and get ready to join us in Milano!