• Inside the Colosseum

Inside the Colosseum

Inside the Colosseum We’ve all heard of the Colosseum.  Rome's most famous attraction and certainly one of the world's most recognizable monuments, the Colosseum has made countless

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  • street art torpignattara Owl by Diavù

Street Art in Torpignattara

The Submarine Thinker by Carlos Atoche Museums have been closed in Rome for 3 months. As of last week they are finally reopening Monday-Friday, as Lazio returns to

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  • Italian American passports

Dual Citizenship with Italy

How to become an Italian-American citizen! Have you ever considered applying for dual citizenship with Italy? Cause you could be eligible through your family line

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  • Lago del Belvedere in Villa Pamphili

Visit Villa Pamphili!

Lago del Belvedere in Villa Pamphili Come take a stroll with me as I wander through the beautiful park of Villa Pamphili.  Still virtually unknown to tourists,

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Recipe: Carciofi alla Romana

Artichokes or Carciofi are an odd ingredient; you either love them or you hate them.  They make virtually all types of wine taste water-like or bitter.  They take an age

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Religion, politics, and...cappuccino?  You may think one of these is not like the other, but nothing will tear apart an Italian dinner table faster than an uncultured American ordering a


The Leaning Tower of…Venice?

If I told you about the Leaning Tower of Burano, you'd probably think that I misspoke.  Much like an older sibling that gets all of the praise, the Tower of

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Borghi Più Belli

In 2001, Italy had a dream.  Tired of hearing the same old Rome, Florence, Venice stories from excited, wide eyed travelers, the Italian Tourism Board and National Association of Italian

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  • Carbonara alla Collegio

Our bastardized version of Spaghetti alla Carbonara

My favorite pasta and perhaps one of largest contributors to my Botticelli Belly has to be the Roman classic: Spaghetti alla Carbonara.  Also known as the go-to dish when you've

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Murano glass: the (semi) lost art

The beauty, the delicacy, the exquisite luxury of Murano glass; even if you're not so sure what it is, you've certainly heard of the name.  Named after the little island

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