Once upon a time, Hercules set off to defeat Geryon when he happened upon the Euganean Hills, not far from current day city of Padua, in the Veneto region of Italy.  Legend has it, the mighty son of Jupiter found a hot spring with waters that soothed his aching muscles, and after reposing in its delights, no longer wanted to return home.  So, Hercules soon purged the evil Geryon and built a temple in honor of the springs that had given him such relief, which we now call Abano Terme.

Fast forward to 1970 when Aldo Borile developed a method to collect this spring water and combining it with the volcanic soil of the Euganean Hills which produces a healing mud called “fango” rich in salt, iodine, and bromine.  This anti-aging fango intensely nourishes and detoxifies the skin, prevents aging, strengthens and gives elasticity right which you will notice from your very first session.

The gorgeous Euganean Hills surrounding the Terme.

The gorgeous Euganean Hills surrounding the Terme.

The Abano Grand Hotel

One of the Healing Hotels of the World, the five star luxury Abano Grand Hotel welcomes each guest into a haven of stress-free pampering and repeated renewal of the spirit.  The hotel has also recently seen a renewal of sorts, now not only famed for its mythical creation, but it recently was featured in the sixth episode of the 2014 season of The Bachelorette.  This gorgeous world class spa needs only a moment to whisk you away into a blanket of whimsy and relaxation in it’s thermal waters.

The Venezia Spa

Experience the sensations and splendor of magically Venice in the newly opened luxurious Venezia Spa nestled inside the Abano Grand Hotel.   My visit started with a private consultation with one of the physicians, who diligently prescribed my treatment regiment for the next three days.  My glorious agenda included antioxidant and anti-aging thermal baths with aroma therapeutic hydro-essences, an anti-aging facial, and last but most certainly not least, the GB Mud-Fango Well Being treatment.  See if you can say that three times fast!

We all need to get dirty now and again.

The Restaurants

You have several choice of top of the line restaurants while staying at Abano Grand Hotel, each offering creative and colorful recipes that uniquely complement the health and welfare of their guests.  Of course, you must check out the James Bond Bar and meet the bar manager Antonio della Croce, who will shake up one of his famous 007 cocktails for you.  While enjoying your drink, be sure to settle in and listen to the exquisite live entertainment provided nightly in the lounge.  While you’re getting into the spirit of relaxation, have a glass of wine from this DOC granted region, known for its exceptional climate and volcanic soils, which contributes a beautiful minerality to all the native vines from the area.

The Italian Gardens

The Abano Grand Hotel is set among breathtaking Italian gardens in the small town of Abano Terme.  Once you check in to this oasis, nothing else is necessary but to enjoy the total tranquility of your surroundings.


Spend a week in the midst of nature and tranquility


The Surrounding Areas

An added bonus of staying at the stress-free Abano Grand Hotel is their daily excursions offers, complete with local guides to Venice, Padua, Verona, Vicenza, Treviso, the Euganean Hills, and even their surrounding shopping outlets.

The Promise

Low stress, high emotion, and authentic experiences are all inclusive in this romantic and soothing escape.  Contact us today to experience for yourself why the Abano Grand Hotel is one of our most trusted Italian partners.  But be careful!  Like Hercules, you may never want to go home!

Let’s do some wine tasting!