Jet Lag. We all get it, we all dislike it, and we all have our personal recipes of remedies and preventative measures to kill it until it dies.  Now that I have triumphantly returned to the States, I present to you my top three ways to defeat it.  Let it be noted that I am not a trained healthcare professional and these are simply awesome guidelines from me to you.

You're on your way!

You’re on your way!

  • Water!! The most helpful solution to pretty much any malady, and generally the most overlooked. Planes dehydrate. Long hours of recycled air and TSA’s commandeering your 12 pack of coconut water only further sends your body into shock. And let’s be honest, your bound to have a drink or five over the course of your many hour journey. Don’t forget to chug water before, during, and after your flight. It really does help.
Nice photobomb, water.

Nice photobomb, water.

  • Sleep!! Something that comes easily to some and vainly to others, sleep is the only way you can tell your body what time it is. But you can’t sleep any time you feel the need, there must be a method to the madness. Try to sleep as much as you can on the plane. Time does not matter at 35,000 ft. Some take melatonin, some stay up for days beforehand, some hear the engine turn on and are whisked away into dreamland. Whatever works for you, try and get a couple hours on the flight, even if it’s only closing your eyes and willing them to stay shut. Once you arrive at your location, WAIT UNTIL IT IS DARK OUTSIDE! If you arrive at your destination at 2pm and immediately take a nap, you’re telling your body that it’s nighttime and you will completely throw off your inner clock. I highly recommend, as difficult as it is, to not nap in the first couple of days of your travels so you can teach your body what time it is. Stay up until the sun goes down and stay in bed until the sun comes up. Simple, yet alarmingly difficult.
You're aiming for this kind of bed head.

You’re aiming for this kind of bed head.

  • Exercise. No, I’m not suggesting that you land and run a 5k, unless you live for that sort of thing or you’re my sister. I mean go on a walk. Yes, there can be gelato involved. Keeping your blood moving and staying active, especially if you’re trying to stay up, will help a lot more than laying on your hotel bed watching TV. Plus it will help acclimate you and give you a glimpse of your new surroundings.
A cornetto di pistachio also counts.

A cornetto di pistachio also counts.

These seem pretty straightforward, but you’d be surprised how quickly you forget the basics. So when you’re dreaming of your next Italian adventure, remember to hydrate, sleep, and explore.

The memories we simply stumble upon...

The memories we simply stumble upon…